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5 Habits of Healthy People (That You Can Practice, Too!)

Do you ever wonder why some people just seem to be... healthy? How do they do it? What's their secret? Are they really robots?

Or are they just regular people who practice certain ways of living to make sure that they stay the healthiest they can be. 

We think it's the second option.

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Here are a few habits of healthy people that you can do too! 

5 Habits of Healthy People

1. Smile 

It's one that we tend to forget about! But it's an easy way to add a little extra happiness to your day. 

Did you know that the simple act of smiling releases something called neuropeptides that help to fight off stress. Along with that, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin also start firing when your share a grin. 

So smiling helps with stress reduction, and can make those around you feel a little better! When people around you are happier, you'll be happier and smile even more

How to do it: Do you buy a coffee each morning? Give the barista a big grin and a "thank you!" when s/he hands your coffee over. Smile at the first co-worker you see when you get to work. Or just smile at yourself in the mirror!

2. Moderation

You've likely heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating: eat clean 80% of the time, and give yourself some more wiggle room with the other 20%. That's a great motto to follow for all healthy habits, and really most things at life!

At work: Stay focused and driven 80% of the time, but use the other 20% (okay maybe a little less), to talk with colleagues, be creative with strategy, take a walk. You need to recharge. 

At the gym: 80% of your workouts can be intense HIIT sessions, or heavy lifting. But make sure to set that 20% to rest and relax, or hit up a yoga class for restoration. 


5 Habits of Healthy People

3. Time

Healthy people make time for their health. They schedule in gym time, and set out 20 minutes each week to plan their healthy meals, maybe even meditate. 

Health is a priority... which would be why they're healthy people. 

To start out, try to carve out 30 minutes of your day to focus on your fitness and nutrition. Whether that's going to the gym or for a long walk, cooking (or even ordering!) a healthy meal, or self care.  

5 Habits of Healthy People

4. Community 

Having a group that is able to support you is key for any part of life: parenting, dealing with a traumatic life event... heck, we even needed out parents' support to get us out of the bed in the morning in high school! 

Why is it any different with our health?

Whether it's a gym buddy, a meal prepping pal, or a group that supports you on days that you're not feeling so fit, it's important to surround yourself with those that understand your goals and empower you to reach them. 

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5. Mindset 

You need to set aside time to get yourself into the right mindset. If you don't think of yourself as a healthy person, well you're never going to be one. 

Do you think professional athletes regularly think to themselves "I'm not cut out to be a professional athlete"? That's a big NO. They tell themselves that they are an athlete, that they deserve this, that they will work to stay an athlete. 

The same goes for being your everyday healthy person. When you change your affirmations and say "I am healthy", you're more likely to choose the salads, skip hitting snooze and head to the gym, or pass up the latest Netflix series and get out for a hike!

How do you stay healthy?