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5 Group Classes That Will Help Improve Your Mobility/Flexibility

With the new year here, there is no better time to bring an often neglected, yet important and even critical element, into your exercise program. 

Increasing your mobility and flexibility will enhance your harder workouts by allowing you to work in a greater range of motion.  As well, the chances of injury are significantly reduced when your muscles are limber, and the body is in alignment. 

So, go ahead and add any of these fantastic classes to your program and reap the benefits!

No stress stretch group fitness classes are great for mobility and flexibility!

No Stress Stretch:

Just as the title states, this is a stretch class with no stress! Simple and effective for increasing flexibility with the bonus of added relaxation to compliment the experience.


While the focus of Pilates is generally on core stability, many elements of this class will incorporate movements for enhancing mobility. Pilates is a method to balance your muscles with extrapolations of exercise similar to yoga and calisthenics which are focused and effective.  


Yoga provides multiple methods of execution, but one commonality in all classes is the element of increasing flexibility and mobility. Yoga aids in the elongation of muscles while moving through asanas (poses) to provide increased range through all joints of the body. Moving with concentration and breath allows the mind to join the body in this multidimensional class. 


While water-based workouts may not be top of mind, you may be surprised at the benefits a little aquatics can provide.  The buoyancy allows unique opportunity for elongated movements through all ranges of motion with ease and flow, keeping the body subtle and limber while providing a low impact cardiovascular component. 

Fusion classes are great for your flexibility and mobility!


If you like the benefits of yoga as well as Pilates but only have time for one class per week, then the solution is Fusion!  Find the benefits of both formats “infused” into one highly effective flexibility/mobility outcome.

For details on when and where to find all these classes and more, visit www.snclubs.com/classes!

Here’s to a new year of moving well with flexibility-based group fitness classes!

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