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5 exercises you should get a Personal Trainer's help with!

If you are an avid gym-goer, then you see them all the time: Personal Trainers at work. Whether you are an experienced powerlifter or a novice lifter, a personal trainer can help you maximize your results and help you build value in your goals. 

Personal Trainers can help you Go Beyond your fitness goals!

If you are considering whether getting a Personal Trainer will benefit you in achieving your own fitness goals, it is beneficial to recognize what you struggle with in your routine. To some, it could be the lack of a personalized routine to begin with. To others, it is determining whether they are performing exercises in their routine correctly or not. 

Personal trainers are professionals in the fitness industry. They can see through incorrect form, poor posture, and potential for injury and they specialize in teaching and correcting proper execution for all exercises.

Not all machines are designed to be ‘one size fits all’ and most importantly, not every body is designed to work perfectly with every exercise. Personal Trainers can help correct and personalize exercises according to the individuals body proportions and posture shaped by their lifestyle.

In addition, it is difficult for an individual to examine their own form without looking at themselves. 

Here are 5 exercises that a Personal Trainer could help in maximizing your results. 

1. Deadlift 

The Deadlift is a full body compound exercise and it is probably one of the most technical exercises to perform. This exercise relies on the hip hinge movement, which most novice gym goers are not familiar with. It takes time to learn the hip hinge, especially if your body is compromised by bad posture or a sedentary lifestyle. A personal trainer can safely guide you through the complicated movement, ensure the integrity of your spine and back, and determine the adequate weight to lift to achieve your desired results. Deadlifting with incorrect form will not only result in injury but it can also worsen existing bad posture. 

2. Weighted Squats 

To a personal trainer, your squat form is the window to assessing your body’s functionality. Just from a few body weight squats, a personal trainer can guess what you do for work, where you are susceptible to injury, and determine how your body moves and reacts to exercise. Arching or rounding in the low back can lead to a low back injury, while knees tracking excessively over the toes or caving inwards can result in potential knee pain. A personal trainer can help you address the postural deviations in your form so that you utilize the correct muscles when squatting with low or heavy weight. Women who wish to increase glute size while maintaining quad size will greatly benefit from help with a personal trainer as incorrect form or improper muscle usage will yield the opposite outcome. 

3. Planks

This might come as a surprise to most people as it is seemingly such a simple exercise. The plank is actually a lot more complex than what it is advertised and both experienced and novice gym goers can benefit from help with a personal trainer. Known mostly as a core exercise, the plank actually utilizes every muscle in your body. Therefore, it is incredibly easy to perform the plank wrong simply but leaving a few muscles loose and hanging. Not performing the plank correctly leads to low back pain and lack of core usage. If you have ever felt low back pain or shoulder pain while performing a plank, then you could benefit from having a personal trainer give you a few pointers. 

4. Lat Pull Downs 

The most common mistake that personal trainers witness with a machine based exercise is the lat pulldown. The muscle used, the latissimus dorsi, is a rather difficult muscle for most novice (and long term) gym goers to engage and feel. To fully engage it takes a few cues, and practice at it, to fully understand the mechanics of this muscle. Incorrectly performing the lat pull down leads to little to no muscle usage and activation of the lat muscle, but can also lead to wrist, forearm or low back pain. The lat muscle is a crucial muscle if you wish to transform your body composition or improve your posture. 

Kettlebell Swings are an exercise you need a Personal Trainer's guidance with!


5. Kettlebell Swings 

You either love it or you hate it. Chances are, if you hate them because you are in pain, you are doing these incorrectly. Kettlebell swings are amazing at strengthening your posterior chain (upper and lower back, glutes and hamstrings) and is a life saver for those experiencing chronic back pain. But when done incorrectly, they cause more harm than good with its complexity and fast momentum. The kettlebell swing combines the technicality of the hip hinge with explosive cardio, which requires good coordination and balance to perform. A personal trainer can help you with each individual aspect (if you are lacking it) to create the perfect swing. 

In the end, Personal Trainers are here to help you achieve and maximize your results. Whether it is your first time working out or not, a personal trainer can help take you to the next level by personalizing exercises to fit your body’s needs and goals.

Here at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club, our trainers provide world-class service to all of our members. If you’d like to give personal training a shot, speak with your club’s Fitness Manager or a Personal Trainer to book a complimentary Personal Training session. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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