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5 Brunch Spots to Treat Your Healthy Mom This Mother's Day

Shopping for Mom is hard. Rather than buy her something she doesn't even need for Mother's Day, focus on spending quality time with your favourite lady, doing (probably) one of your favourite things–brunch. 

But sometimes brunch can also mean indulging just a little too much. To keep your healthy mom's habits in check, we've got 5 top brunch spots to #treatyourself but still stick to your wight loss goals!

5 Brunch Spots to Treat Your Healthy Mom This Mother's Day

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The Farmer's Apprentice

Get cozy with your mom with an intimate setting at Farmer's Apprentice. Sourcing certified organic produce from local farms, and meat from ethically raised animals, dishes can change with the seasons. 

With an ever-changing menu, chefs are putting in a lot of creativity and love into each plate–kind of like your mom, with you!



It's easy to feel like brunch at Heirloom is indulging. With plates stacked high with everything from waffles to eggs benny, and looking extra insta-worthy, these dishes would make even the biggest meat-itarian's mouth water. 

All menu items are vegetarian or vegan and are available as a gluten-free option. No matter what you go with, you're sure to fill your belly and leave with a very happy mom. 


Vital Supply Co.

This is especially a great spot for the mom that has some allergies–all menu items are 100% gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! 

With everything from classic avocado toast, to freshly made smoothie bowls with local ingredients, it's easy to stick to any healthy-eating plan. 


The Oakwood

Brunch that could also be dinner is a staple from the Oakwood. Braised beef shank, steak and eggs, lemon ricotta omelette–this might not make the top of the "low-calorie brunch" list, but with fresh, organic produce, meat and eggs, you're sure to get your fill of nutrients to keep you fuelled for a long day of quality time with mom.


 Belgard Kitchen 

Wraps, burgers, chia pudding, even a "Health Nut Breakfast Bowl". With so many options that are indulgent, yet healthy, mom is guaranteed to feel the love. 


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