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5 Best Places to Take a Gym Selfie at SN Clubs

Put your hand up high if you've ever taken a #gymselfie. (Guilty!) Luckily, with mirrors basically everywhere, a selfie isn't too hard to do at any of our gyms. We love a good selfie at the gym, especially when the lighting is on point, and we just got a good pump on. We're feeling strong, and looking great! 


5 Best Places to Take a Selfie at SN Clubs

Below, we've listed out the best places at our clubs to get your selfie on–with the Instagram photos to prove it. 

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So get ready to strike a post at these 5 best places to take a gym selfie: 

1. The bathroom at Park Royal Sports Club

We actually see you taking selfies in front of the mirrors at all of our clubs, but this one is definitely a favourite. 

That lighting, though.



2. The #SteveNashElevator at Kitsilano Fitness World

We don't know why, but it's a thing. At least for a small crowd of people, anyway. 



3. The Group Fitness Room at Downtown Sports Club

Because when you get the room to yourself, why not?



Same grind different gym 💪🏽

A post shared by Shea Jackson (@shea_fitness) on

4. The squat rack.

Drop it like a squat!



5. The Turf

Because if you don't post your workout on Instagram... did it even happen?


And... Any place you're crushing it!

Why not document those times that you feel like a total bada$$?


We'd love to see more!

Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@stevenashfitnessclubs), or use the hashtag #SNClubs for your gym selfies at our clubs!

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