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4 Trainers to Follow To Get You Out of Your Workout Funk

Having a stale workout routine can sometimes be the downfall to all of your hard work. 

If you're not sure how to step up your game, or want to try out new equipment, look no further. These 4 Steve Nash Personal Trainers get creative everyday to make sure your workouts are never the same. 

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Find out what they do to stay so fit, and get some new moves to add to your workout routine!

Check out the 4 trainers to follow to get you out of your workout funk: 

Lindy Drope

Instagram handle: @Lindyydrope 

Lindy shows us size really doesn't matter. She's a powerhouse who can even stand up against the big guys at Langley Fitness World.



Deja Sheridan

Instagram handle: @dejafitnessandyoga 

Deja shows us how to incorporate new exercises into your routine, using everything from the kettle bell, to swinging slam-balls.



Dylan Kinney 

Instagram handle: @dylanmelbournekinney

If you're looking for some functional training taken to the next level, you need to check out Abbotsford Fitness World personal trainer, Dylan!


 Zak Syens  

Instagram handle: @zakonestep

Check out Zak's page to add a little creativity to your everyday workout. Not just in the gym, Zak uses equipment you can take with you (even to a parking lot!).



Still needing some extra inspiration? Check out trainers to follow for motivation, healthy eating tips, and booty workouts 

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