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4 Reasons to Workout that Aren't Just To Look Good

Ya sure, you want to look 🔥, but working out goes way beyond that, and is essential is keeping up with your everyday life. 

So even if you're loving your #dadbod style, or have been blessed with a good metabolism and choose a large pizza to yourself over leg day, you should still incorporate (at least) a little fitness in your life. 

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Here are 4 reasons that you should workout, beyond just looking good: 

4 Reasons to Workout that Aren't Just To Look Good

1. You can do your everyday tasks WAY easier. 

Yes, trying to put your fitted sheet on your bed by yourself should be considered it's own workout, but you shouldn't be out of breath climbing a flight of stairs, or unable to load your groceries into the car without cramping up. 

When you include fitness in your everyday routine, or even a few times per week, you'll notice a big difference in the little things. Here's a few key wins: 

  • Putting the groceries away will take less time
  • You won't need to take break half-way through vacuuming your home (unless it's really big...)
  • You'll have less back pain during the day
  • You will have more energy when you get home from the office

4 Reasons to Workout that Aren't Just To Look Good

2. Going out with friends is more fun. 

Everyone has days where they would rather sit on the couch and do nothing after a long week. But for many people, when your fitness levels drop, so will your energy. 

Not to mention, you're going to have a lot more options of things to do rather than just "hang out". Choose to do something more active, and that will keep you off your phone like going bowling, or maybe rounding up the crew for a baseball tournament!

4 Reasons to Workout that Aren't Just To Look Good

3. You'll actually be happy when someone asks you to go for a hike. 

We live in British Columbia, and beautiful hikes are not hard to come by! But when you're out of shape, sometimes it can seem daunting to head for a hike up the Chief.  

Plus, staying in shape doesn't only help you on your hike. Your muscle soreness the next day will be much less noticeable when you're working them on a regular basis. 

4. You're more likely to make it to your child's graduation, wedding, etc. (current or future child). 

Best of all? Having a solid fitness routine is essential for maintaining your long-term health

You cardiovascular health, bone density, muscle mass, even your memory all see the positive benefits of exercising. And the longer you stick with this routine, the happier you'll be as you age. That means you're more likely to be able easily give a standing ovation to your child when they graduate, or pick up your grandchild when they're fallen off their bike. 

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