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4 Personal Trainers Give us Their Morning Routine

We’re creatures of habit. And for most of us, we’re most productive when we have a solid routine that leaves little need to react to surprises or decisions. That’s why all this talk of “morning routines” has become a hot topic.

Every person’s morning routine is different – some people need that extra “snooze” time, some like to journal, others hit the gym, some need a bulletproof coffee. Our personal trainers are no different!

Find out how 4 of our Personal Trainers start their day to make sure they give you their best!


4 trainers give us their morning routine

Kalena Morton: Coffee Over Everything

kalena-morton.jpegKalena finds that she has the most energy on days that she’s worked out before noon (like taking her "Power Intervals" class every Thursday at 8:15am!)

For those days that she can't get her morning workout in, Kalena relies on her favourite Coffee Protein Shake! 


  • 1/2 cup-1 cup cold coffee (I make a pot ahead of time and keep in fridge)
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • Ice
  • Cinnamon to taste


Kalena Morton, personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Langley Fitness World

Marko Vojvodic: Visualization is Key

ufc_photoshoot_ig_3.jpgCoach Marko has a morning routine many of us strive for (well, maybe not the cold showers). Check out his five steps that make his day A+. 

  1. Wake up and turn on coffee machine.
  2. Quick shower finishing with ice cold water for as long as I can tolerate.
  3. Drink a bulletproof coffee (coffee + MCT Oil + salted grain fed butter)
  4. Read a page from The Daily Stoic meditations and journal my thoughts while drinking coffee.
  5. ** During the winter months, I turn on a sunlight lamp to wake my body up. It also helps me steer clear of Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  6. Visualize and decide what the three biggest tasks are for the day. 
  7. Execute.

- Coach Marko, Trainer at UFC GYM  


Mike Chan: Vitamin Master

Mike ChanYour morning is a great time to get a lot of your essential vitamins and mineral for the day! Have them with your first glass of water, or alongside your breakfast (follow the labels as to whether you should have them with food). Here's how Mike Chan fuels his morning.

  1. Wake up slowly and drag myself out of bed, usually a 20 minute process as I like to rest my eyes before fully waking up.

  1. Get breakfast going, usually a big breakfast because lunch can be undetermined, as I’m not on meal prep currently. Usually 6-8 egg whites, 3-4 strips of bacon, and oatmeal, washed down with some aminos.

  1. Brush teeth, wash face, get the shower going, pop my multi vitamins and antioxidants, etc shortly after.

  1. Quickly check social media and emails.

  1. Out the door.

    – Mike Chan, Personal Trainer at Langley Fitness World 

Logan Dube: Roll It Out

logan-dube1-299x300.jpgWhile sleeping is relaxing, we’re in the same position all night long. You’ve probably noticed that waking up isn’t as pain-free as it used to be. Getting your blood flowing and hitting the sore spots with a foam roller is a great way to rev up your energy.


  1. Hit snooze once (enjoy last 7 minutes of warm flannel heaven)

  2. Shower & get dressed

  1. 5-10 minutes of release/rolling with my HyperIce sphere

  1. Protein shake, eggs or other (OK, I still eat cereal one day a week!), and grab meals prepped in the fridge

  2. Listen to a podcast on the way to work (pick up a coffee or tea on the way)
  3. Walk into the club, say "Hi!" to my team, get organized, and identify a couple of key tasks for the day
  4. Change lives and make fitness the best part of our members’ day!

Logan Dube, Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager at Victoria Fitness World

What is your favourite part of your morning routine?

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