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4 Ingredients to Give Your Body a Gentle Detox

Do you want an added pep in your step? Maybe to feel a little less foggy during the workday. Even balancing your mood might be of interest.

Well, you might want to consider a detox. 


When we say "detox" we don't mean the "Master Cleanse". We also don't mean those store bought packages or cleansing teas. We want to talk about the everyday things you can do to give your body the tools it needs to cleanse itself and leave you feeling your best. 

4 Ingredients to Give Your Body a Gentle Detox

If you're not sure why it's important for your detoxification pathways to work their best, you can check it out here

First, let's get down to the basics. You may hear that "the body was designed to detoxify itself–your skin, liver and kidneys already do that". Yes, they do, but in recent years, we've been polluting our bodies to a point never seen before in history, and our bodies can't always cope. 

That's why we deal with brain fog, exhaustion, chronic diseases, hormonal issues like PMS, etc. And even when we choose the "healthy option", there tends to be hidden ingredients or chemicals that we don't know to look for. And it isn't just our food that builds up the toxins in our body. Just think about our air nowadays, and the chemical cleaning agents that we use. As we said: our bodies aren't designed for this toxic load. 

And doing a juice cleanse once every season doesn't fix it.

Try out these 4 ingredients you can include everyday to help your body gently detox: 

1. Lemon water

First, you should always start your day with a nice big glass of water! You've been sleeping all night (hopefully), and are pretty dehydrated by the time morning comes.

Add some lemon for a detoxifying boost! It helps to boost your stomach acid (the stuff needed to properly break down food), and can aid in cleansing your liver, an essential detox organ. 

If drinking water first thing in the morning isn't already a part of your routine, start small. Fill a glass or mug with warm water and squeeze in the juice of 1/4 of a lemon. Sip it as you get ready for your day!  

4 Ingredients to Give Your Body a Gentle Detox

2. Chlorella or Spirulina

Chlorella and spirulina are algae that are not only great to help the body cleanse, but they also contain many minerals, such as iron, calcium and magnesium!

Both are called "chelators" which means they help to pull heavy metals out of whatever environment they are in (including your body). 

Our tip? Start with a small amount of either in a smoothie, or another flavourful drink, and make sure you know where the algae is coming from. In this case, farmed isn't always bad!

3. Leafy Greens

This is an easy way to add a little detoxing boost to your day. They are full of enzymes that can help you digest your food throughout the day, along with fibre to help you excrete it later on. 

4 Ingredients to Give Your Body a Gentle Detox

4. Milk Thistle

This is one item on this list that isn't solely food based and you'll need to take this in supplement form. Usually, you'll be required to take 3 per day for a minimum of 3 weeks to see the benefits, however your body will thank you even if you can only remember twice. 

This supplement mainly targets your liver, which is the main site of detoxification: your hormones, fat deposits, toxins, basically everything, gets filtered through here, so it's essential for it to be working in tip-top shape!

Finally, working out is another way to help detoxify! Try out a 7-Day Pass and see for yourself!

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