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4 Energy Boosters That Don't Include Pre-Workout or Coffee

Maybe you like to workout in the evening, and the energy from a cup of coffee is too much, or you don't love the jitters from some pre-workout drinks. 

Luckily, those aren't your only options when it comes to a little pre-workout energy boost. With so many supplements out there, it can be hard to choose which is the one for you. 

A pre-workout can be great if you really need an extra boost, and coffee can be helpful if you have weight loss goals to crush. However, you can usually rely on whole foods, and a few supplements to give you the energy you need for a great sweat session. 

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1. Yerba Maté

Brewed similar to a cup of tea, Maté has nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, however doesn't leave you with the same crash. 

This is great for people who are sensitive to coffee, or find regular tea just a little too bitter. 

And if you like a little flavour, many major tea companies now blend Maté with various other flavours to appeal to a wider crowd.  

2. Banana or Apple 

Carbohydrates prior to a workout are essential to give your cells an energy boost to power through workout, and fruit is a great source of these natural sugars. If you haven't had a big meal in a few hours, having carbohydrates with a quick release is essential to keep power through your workout. 

Try an apple or banana up to 30 minutes prior to your workout. Pair it with some nut butter if you need your carbs to release a little slower (i.e. if you eat about 1 hour prior to a workout). 


3. BCAAs

BCAAs (branch-chain amino acids) tend to be consumed after a workout to help with muscle growth and repair, however, these are also great to take prior to a workout to combat fatigue. 

4 Energy Boosters That Don't Include Pre-Workout or Coffee

4. Energy Balls 

Similar to munching down on some fruit pre-workout, snacks like these no-bake energy balls, give you an added carbohydrate boost to power your cells through a workout. 

Include ingredients like dates, nut butter, seeds, and protein powder to keep you satiated throughout your whole workout (no one likes the hunger pains midway through a strong lifting session). 

Find out some other nutrition tips to keep you powered for your workouts from one of our personal trainers! 

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