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3 Podcast Episodes on Determination & Success

With the New Year fast approaching, we’ve rounded up our favourite podcast episodes on determination and success, to get us ready for the goal setting and goal crushing times ahead in 2018.

Whether you listen to podcasts during your morning commute, while making dinner, or at the gym, these 3 podcast episodes will give you that extra motivation to get started.

1. Why You Should Bet on Your Strengths – Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

When was the last time you stopped and thought, “What is it that I am really great at?” This episode of Gregg Clunis’ Tiny Leaps, Big Changes explores how we can leverage our strengths and focus more time leaning on them to create real impacts. Can we worry less about our shortcomings and discover where we can really add value?

Though we’re not about to ignore our weaknesses any time soon, putting more into our strengths and less into self-criticism could be an interesting way to re-frame to our everyday thinking and how we work towards our successes. Episode Link

2. 7 Keys to a Successful Life – The School of Greatness

At just over 8 minutes, this episode of Lewis Howes’ podcast The School of Greatness presents us with some unexpected ideas in a timeframe that doesn’t wear us out. Lewis’ keys to success remind us to focus on all the greatest non-monetary values in our lives so that we can appreciate everything we do have.

Of the 7 Keys, our favorites include: “Share your talents,” “find friends that inspire you,” and “take care of your body.” Episode Link

“Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.”

3. You Say You Want a Resolution (Willpower) – Where There’s Smoke

Once you’re clear on what matters to you and why you want to achieve the goals and resolutions you’ve put forth, Brett Gajda’s episode of Where There’s Smoke focuses on how to get there. When it comes to training willpower, he suggests the “magical cure” for lack of willpower is physical exercise!

In order to have more willpower to exercise, first we have to exercise. Our ability to resist temptation and stick with a commitment depends on not just what’s happening in our brains but in our entire bodies. Exercise is the connection to increasing brainpower AND willpower necessary for achieving our goals. Episode Link

Leaving with some new ideas? Maybe this helped you discover a new favourite podcast? Let us know!

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