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3 Exercises That Will Make You a Stronger Swimmer

Swimming is one of the best active recovery exercises, and it is a full body sport!

These are my top three exercises to improve swimming technique, strength, and power while in the water!

3 Exercises That Will Make You a Stronger Swimmer

Bird Dog

You can call this your foundational exercise. Because this is activating your posterior chain and making a mind-muscle connection from your top arm to extended leg, it’s also going to help you in strokes such as the front crawl that incorporate similar motions.

Begin by starting on the knees, making sure wrists are directly under shoulders and knees are directly over hips. Have your back in one neutral line which means you MUST have a core engaged and braced for this movement. Now with out shifting your body or tilting, extend your opposite leg and arm out, making sure to squeeze the back glute! Practice these as a warm up for 3x10 reps each workout!

3 Exercises That Will Make You a Stronger Swimmer

TRX Push up

This exercise is going to not only stabilize your shoulders and core, but will help teach you body positioning while in planking positions. Challenge yourself by increasing the angle your body is on!

Do sets of 15 at a constant tempo focusing on your breath with each repetition. Start with your hands on both TRX handles, arms in front, slight incline and perform a push up.

3 Exercises That Will Make You a Stronger Swimmer

Pull up

Because swimming is primarily focussing on pulling the water underneath of you and propelling your body forward, lat engagement is crucial!

To do this exercise properly, make sure you are fully retracting your shoulders before you pull. This means you create more space from your shoulders to your ears when you are in the hanging position by pulling your shoulders down. Try to keep your body tight in a straight line and limit any swinging. A great way to regress this, is with a band or assured pull up machine!

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