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3 Easy Steps to Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goal

We all know we feel better, we perform better, we are better when we take care of ourselves.

So why is it so hard to do it? Because you're tired, or you're busy packing the kids’ lunches, or picking up the dry cleaning, or finishing that project for work, or or or or or... another something. And you know what? There always will be something. 

A slot of available time won't magically appear... go for a run, make it to yoga class, hit the gym... none of these will *poof* appear in your calendar. YOU have to put them in there; you have to prioritize your health and yourself. For your mental well-being, your physical well-being, your spiritual well-being... you need to make your health a priority.


The best, and the most fun way to make your health a priority is to set a goal for yourself and work towards it. And you can do that in 3 easy steps. 3 steps, that's it.


Step 1: Set the goal. Commit. Decide what you want to accomplish and set the goal.

Maybe it’s to run a 5km race, maybe it’s to complete a Tough Mudder or a marathon, maybe it’s to fit into the dress hanging in the back of your closet.... You decide, and set the goal.

Next step.... kind of an add on to Step 1... we’ll call it Step 1.5: fully commit to the goal... by telling someone about it.

This is key. This holds you accountable. It can be scary to have your goal OUT THERE... out where people know what you want to do, what you hope to do. But you know what's scarier than people knowing your goal? Having them tell you that you didn't accomplish it.
Telling people about your goal lights a fire in you; it gives you the push you need to achieve it.


Step 2: This is a BIG one... and it's hard for many of us to do it...

There are so many people in your world who can and want to help you. Know a runner at your office? Ask for suggestions on how to work on speed training. Need help with your form on your push-ups? Talk to a trainer at your gym for a few pointers. Not sure how to fuel up for a race, competition, or training day? Ask a friend, set up an Instagram poll, do whatever you have to do to get suggestions and tips. There are tons of people with the right knowledge who are more than happy to share it with you.


Step 3: Make you and your goal a priority.

You've set the goal. You've told people about it. You've asked for help. Now COMMIT to it. Do the training. Follow the plan. Get up early to get that run in. Go to the gym on your lunch hour so you don’t skip your workout when you’re too tired after work. Give yourself the time and attention you deserve and need to reach your goal. Set yourself up for a win.

That's it: 3 (and a half) easy steps to get you to your goal. 3 steps.... that's it.

1. Set the goal.... Step 1.5 Tell people about the goal.
2. Ask for help.
3. Make you and your goal a priority.

Some days will be easier than others. Some days will be really hard. Some days you'll want to give up.

But don't.

Don't give up your on goal, and more importantly, don't give up on yourself.  You deserve to bask in that feeling of accomplishment when you reach your goal. You deserve to feel so happy that nothing in the world can wipe the smile from your face. You deserve to feel proud of yourself.

It will be worth it. I promise. 

Need help with your goals? We've got people for that. 

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