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2018 Success Stories Winner: Tommy Grier

On the outside, Tommy looked healthy. But those who knew him, knew that he had large hurdles to get over. And six months ago, Tommy made the leap he needed to live a better life. 

At 29, Tommy realized that he had a problem with alcohol.

As a bartender at a popular Vancouver nightclub, Tommy was used to a lively nightlife. Working late, and partying even later. 

I didn’t drink to be social or enjoy it, I drank to get drunk. Not just a little drunk, but black-out, fall-down, pass-out-in-a-bathroom-stall or embarrass myself in some other way drunk.

His friends became complacent, brushing off these outbursts and finding them funny. He would go through week-long drinking benders with no real routine. These were followed by week-long hangovers and recovery sessions–replacing what he had lost that week, fixing what was broken in his apartment, buying a new phone, etc. 


But one day, Tommy decided it was time to change. 

In April 2017, after a trip to Vegas and one last bender, Tommy stopped drinking once and for all. The first month was hard while he went through withdrawals, learned how to cope, and manage a new lifestyle. But every day seemed to get better. Then, Tommy found Steve Nash Howe & Davie Fitness World and met his now personal trainer, Jack Liu. 

2018 Success Stories Winner, Tommy Grier, with his trainer, Jack Liu 

I think the most important piece of advice I can give someone who is trying to quit drinking is to fill your life with things you don’t have time for if you are drinking–a hobby, spending time with your family, focus on your job, whatever it may be, find it, lose yourself in it, and watch what happens. 

Almost immediately, he signed up for a year membership and 12 personal training sessions. Tommy started with no specific goals, aside from getting up and to the gym. Without drinking, he now had the motivation to get up, be better, and do more. 

Thanks to his personal trainer (and now friend), Jack, Tommy realized that there were quite a few injuries that he needed to correct to start training properly, including issues with his back, knees, and feet. 

2018 Success Stories Winner - Tommy Grier

Setting out weekly meal plans and a homework schedule for his days outside of training with Jack helped Tommy to make progress and become excited to learn about his body. 

Seeing the outward transformation that your body goes through when you set goals and work towards them at the gym is very satisfying. But for me the true reward was knowing that all of it is possible because I made the choice to do better for myself, and I was sticking with it. 

2018 Success Stories Winner, Tommy Grier

Since the start, Tommy has continued to crush his goals.

With everything from being pain-free during work, gaining weight and muscle (went from 159 lbs to 175 lbs without gaining body fat), bench pressing 185 lbs, and to squatting 185 lbs after never doing a squat in his life. He even received a promotion at work to Assistant General Manager!

 So here I am. Six months in, and I can say I don’t have any plans to drink at any point in the future. I don’t think I have ever bragged about something in my entire life and I probably never will again, but this one time I think it’s allowed... I am in the best shape of my life, inside and out. I am confident, proud, and most importantly INCREDIBLY AND OVERWHELMINGLY HAPPY.

Thanks to Jack's incredible guidance, Tommy is able to do exercises that he never thought were possible. Not only assisting him with his routines at the gym, but working with him on the challenges of recovering from alcoholism. 

This is only the beginning for Tommy.

He knows the progress he's made to date is incredible, but he knows it's only the start of where he would like to be in the next six months of his fitness journey. 

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