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Meet Ingrid, SNFC Group Fitness Director & Role Model

Did you know? International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8 and this year’s theme “Bold for Change,” throughout the month of March we are celebrating four of our female leaders and their Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club stories.

Coming up on her seven year anniversary, we wanted to celebrate Ingrid, one of our most inspiring, talented, and supportive leaders. Ingrid initially joined the Group Fitness team at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club (SNFC) in August 2010. She has since grown to SNFC Group Fitness Director, leading a team of five Group Fitness Managers across the Lower Mainland, Kelowna and Victoria.

We asked Ingrid’s team some questions about what it’s like to work with the oh-so-inspiring Group Fitness Director and are undeniably excited to share their responses! Thank you for being you, Ingrid!

Ingrid Steve Nash Fitness Clubs Group Fitness Director

How does Ingrid inspire and motivate you to be at your best?

Ingrid inspires and motivates by providing creative freedom and autonomy to her entire team, while still maintaining a huge focus on our individual growth and development. Even when my goals shift and change, she keeps the conversation going about where I see myself in the future and how SNFC can be a part of that.” – Daniela

Ingrid inspires me in the way she carries herself and handles situations - in a strong, yet cool and calm way.” – Vanessa

What words best describe her?

Real. Trustworthy. Supportive. Kind. Mentor. Talented. Fair. Confident. Professional. Calm. Poised. Hero.

What are Ingrid’s greatest qualities?

She is personable and a great listener. She hears what you have to say and then helps you find your inner rock star!” – Michelle

Ingrid has a positive approach to her leadership, keeping things light and fun! This makes her approachable and a great role model for us all.” – Dawn


What are some of your favourite moments working with her?

It’s always fun taking group fitness workshops, such as Lablast and Pound, with Ingrid. We have many in-house education and training opportunities and she has created a lot of excitement around them. We’ve also had the opportunity to go on several works trip together, which has allowed us to grow our sense of community within SNFC and get closer as a team!

What do you love most about taking a group fitness class that Ingrid teaches?

Ingrid’s classes, just like her, are well organized and clear in delivery. She methodically leads a class in a classic way. I like taking her classes because she covers all critical and essential elements, and it’s nice to see how the best of best goes about this!” – Vanessa

Her positive energy and smile!” – Dawn

Is there anything else you want to share?

Ingrid is amazing in all that she does. I’m very lucky to have her as a manager and wouldn’t want it any other way!” – Vanessa

Her passion and dedication is not only present in her work, but also in her family. She is so incredibly proud of her husband and two sons. Even though she is focused on her career, she is always there to support her two sons in everything they do.” – Michelle


Career Opportunities

Want to join Ingrid and her awe-inspiring team? A career in Group Fitness offers ongoing growth opportunities, along with the level of work-life balance you desire, whether part-time or full-time. To become certified as a Group Fitness Instructor, enroll in BCPTI’s ACE Pro Essentials Group Certification Course. If you’re already certified, apply now to become an SNFC Group Fitness Instructor or, if you're located in West or North Vancouver, apply to join our Park Royal Platinum Sports Club Group Fitness Team. We can’t wait to meet you!