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The Barre Essentials: What to Expect At Your First Le Barre Class

You’re beginning to see it and hear of it more often. Maybe from your friend who loves So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe from your friend who danced growing up. Maybe from your friend who is always telling you about the amazing new group fitness class she just went to. And you keep hearing those words to describe it: lift, tuck, tone and burn.

Our newest group fitness class Le Barre is an athletic workout inspired by the art of dance, blending movements from ballet, yoga and pilates to train muscles throughout your body. This low-impact class was created by Lotte Berk in 1959. She included her ballet barre training with her other recovery exercises after a serious injury to her back. Today barre studios seem to be appearing as often as yoga studios here in Vancouver.


The popularity of ballet barre classes doesn’t surprise us. Neither do their success in a market that also loves yoga. Many of the movements and exercises have similar benefits. Many people like both types of exercise and others have a preference. We love the experience of both. If you’re looking for a group fitness class to lift, tuck, tone and burn you definitely want to check out our Le Barre schedule.

What to Expect At Your First Le Barre Class

Here’s a short guide to get you started.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: bring a water bottle, wear socks, workout gear that makes you comfortable and a towel if you’d like.

What should I expect?

Le Barre is an easy-to-follow, high-energy sequence of warm-ups, barre work, and abdominal work, supported by stretch/relaxation to round out this results-oriented workout. Come ready for a mind-body experience designed to elongate your muscles while moving through a series of basic ballet movements.

Expect visible lifting and sculpting of your glutes, thighs and core. Release the inner dancer in you without the pressure of perfection and stay motivated with upbeat music – the perfect dance party to get a dancer body!

What to Expect At Your First Le Barre Class

What level is this for? Do I need to be a dancer to do Le Barre?

Classes are designed for every fitness level in mind, whether you have experience in dance or not. You will be guided through each exercise sequence so that you can relax and enjoy the process.

What kind of equipment is used?

The barre – a fixture in ballet classes, the barre is a horizontal bar used for stability during exercises.

The Bender Ball – a small inflatable ball used for barre work and core work on the floor.

A mat – used for core work & stretch towards the end of class.

Le Barre is now offered weekly at the following clubs:

  • Steve Nash Fitness World Victoria
  • Steve Nash Fitness World Kingsway
  • Steve Nash Fitness World Lougheed
  • Steve Nash Sports Club Yaletown
  • Steve Nash Sports Club Morgan Crossing
  • Steve Nash Sports Club Downtown

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