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Benefits Beyond Le Barre

Le Barre, the newest dance fitness class to be introduced to Steve Nash Fitness Clubs, has many amazing benefits that you’ll be able to experience both inside and outside of the group fitness studio. Here are three benefits of adding Le Barre class to your fitness routine:

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Be Part of a Community

Le Barre is the simple pure idea of coming together with a like-minded group of people who love fitness. Any training method benefits from finding new ways to train the body and compliment existing regimens. Community, inspiration, and play are key elements that will stay with you well outside the class setting.

Toning to a Dancer’s Body

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Lean and strong. Great posture and balance. Confidence and grace. These are the reasons why many of us strive for a dancer’s fitness level and athletic ability. Dedicated attendance in Le Barre will help you achieve your desired results: toned thighs, lifted glutes and a strong core. This ballet-inspired class focuses on building power and strength through slow, controlled movements.

#BeyondSNFC: Benefits Beyond the Studio

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Basic daily activities, such as picking up your children, carrying groceries, lifting your luggage into the overhead compartment on your way to Vegas, will become easier. Le Barre base movements mimic squats (plies), lunges and core isolation/strength (now you know why that Bender Bar is there). Practicing this fitness method will result in increased physical self-awareness and a lengthened posture. Le Barre trains through a neutral and elongated spinal alignment – particularly helpful if you spend part of your day sitting.

Le Barre is now offered weekly at the following clubs:

  • Steve Nash Fitness World Victoria
  • Steve Nash Fitness World Kingsway
  • Steve Nash Fitness World Lougheed
  • Steve Nash Sports Club Yaletown
  • Steve Nash Sports Club Morgan Crossing
  • Steve Nash Sports Club Downtown

Click here for class times and schedules.