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Group Fitness Instructor Of The Month: Crystal

Crystal Galt has been teaching group fitness classes at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club for nearly 4 years. As a dancer, Crystal loves music and working to a beat. She feeds off the energy in a group environment, so it was a natural fit for her to add Group Fitness Instructor to her title. Her energy and enthusiasm are evident in every class she teaches, which is why she was a clear choice for the June 2016 Group Fitness Instructor of the Month. Congratulations, Crystal!



How would you describe the class you teach and your instructional style?

I like to teach anything and everything! Right now I teach The Works, an interval style class at Lougheed Fitness World. I like to keep my classes fun and energetic. I am always so impressed when participants work hard in class, so I like to give them all the recognition they deserve. I also like to use different types of equipment; I get bored easily so my participants can expect the unexpected!

What inspired you to get into fitness and teaching?

After I graduated high school I wasn’t dancing as much, so I started teaching group fitness classes in my neighbourhood. It was perfect for me because it kept me active and incorporated two of my favourite things: music and meeting new people! A big thank-you to the Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Clubs team - they played a large part in getting me to where I am today, and supported me in becoming a group fitness instructor.

How has being a group fitness instructor impacted your life?

Since becoming a group fitness instructor, I have more confidence and I am much more in tune with my body. I am inspired by the energy I get from my class each week. As a nursing student, I have more information to educate my patients on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. My weight has always fluctuated through the years but I am always inspired and encouraged by my classes. I hope that I am an example that anyone, regardless of their age or body type, can be strong and healthy, and that we all have to start somewhere.

What advice can you give our members about leading a healthy and active lifestyle?

  • Find something that you like and stick to it!
  • Make your fitness fun! Try something new whenever possible.
  • When I start my classes, I often say the hardest part is getting there.

You can find Crystal teaching The Works, a 1 hour interval class using all styles of cardio and resistance training, on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM at Lougheed Fitness World. You can find an up-to-date version of the Group Fitness schedule here.