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5 Gym Motivation Tips to Beat the Vancouver Rain

It's the time of year when the city gets a little wetter. But a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of rain shouldn't stop you. With these five tips, your fitness routine will be stronger than ever.

1. Make it an Event

Crushing goals is always easier with a friend. Schedule a class or some gym time with a friend and you'll have to show up. Plus it's always nice to have company on the treadmills and a spotter on the bench press. 

5 Gym Motivation Tips to Beat the Vancouver Rain

When you plan in advance, you can also work this around your weekly schedule and reduce the likelihood of cancelling last-minute for a meeting you forgot, or post-work dinner plans. 

2. Drink a Pre-workout Supplement

Pre-workout supplements contain caffeine and vasodilators that increase blood flow and mental acuity. If you are lacking the energy or will to get up and get active, pre workout supplements help to give you a rush of energy and the focus of a Tibetan monk. Really, you won't have another choice than to go burn the energy at the gym. 

If you're new to pre-workout supplements or are unsure, try a sugar-free natural version like Vega Sport® Sugar-Free Energizer, or even a shot of espresso to boost your energy levels. 

3. Log Your Activity

Logging your activity on a web application or with an activity tracker is a great way to set and meet fitness goals. Keeping track of your steps walked, calories consumed, and repetitions will keep you accountable for your successes or failures.

5 Gym Motivation Tips to Beat the Vancouver Rain

4. Plan a New Routine

Revamping your workout routine will keep your body guessing and progressing. Doing the same workouts and routines week after week is the best way for your body to plateau. By switching up your exercises and hitting different muscles is the best way to improve and keep things fresh at the gym.

Looking to integrate some weight training? Try grabbing the kettlebells. Love getting a cardio boost from hitting the pavement or treadmill? Spinning might help to ease joint pain, or give you a fresh new way to get extra sweaty. 

5 Gym Motivation Tips to Beat the Vancouver Rain

5. Buy New Gym Clothes or Shoes

A new pair of bright running shoes or a new gym top is guaranteed to bring one's confidence up. A little retail therapy will cure any gym woes you may have and make you eager to strut your stuff along the dumbbells.

There you have it, five great ways to give you a little extra push during the rainy Vancouver season. If you don't know where to start, one of our amazing personal trainers can help. If you find individual training is keeping you back, group fitness is a great social way to keep active. Get up and get active, happy training!

If you're looking for ways to stay motivated as the weather cools, join us today at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club!