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The Beauty of Walking

When I was in Toronto, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing a leading trainer and nutritionist about some overall summer fitness tips. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of fitness advice, but given that this expert regularly consulted Olympic athletes, I was expecting some pretty advanced fitness tips.

With that in mind, imagine my shock when he suggested that the 20-something, fashion-inclined female crowd I was writing for simply walk. More specifically, walk before breakfast. This low-intensity, fasted-state cardio helps your body more efficiently burn fat as opposed to food-fueled energy since your insulin levels are low.

On top of my 5x/week workouts, I’ve been walking to work every morning. Not only have I noticed some great improvements composition-wise, but it’s just a nice way to start your day, plain and simple.

So before you dig into your eggs or oatmeal tomorrow morning, try going for just 30 minutes of light exercise! Pick up a coffee on your way home and begin seeing results in the gentlest way possible!

Guest Blogger- Alexandra Grant