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5 Best Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and it’s gift-giving time. You’ve planned your shopping list, but you’re still now sure what to give the fitness buff in your life – the one who makes staying in shape top priority. Fortunately, there are lots of gifts to make the life of a seasoned fitness pro easier or help someone get started. Here are some of the best fitness gift ideas for the holidays.

A pedometer is a gift that both newbies and veteran exercisers can appreciate. For someone new to the world of exercise, wearing a pedometer is a source of motivation, encouraging them to take more steps. But even a fitness pro wants to know how much they’re moving around during their busy day. A pedometer doesn’t have to break the bank either. You can find pedometers at all price points. At the low end, you can get an inexpensive one to use as a stocking stuffer for under $15.00. Ones with more features can cost $50.00 or over. A pedometer is a gift that almost anyone can use to track their steps and as a motivator to get up and move around more.

Heart Rate Monitor

What fitness buff wouldn’t want to know how high their heart rate is during their workout and how many calories they’re burning? Wearing a heart rate monitor gives it to them at a glance. It’s a good gift for all fitness levels. People who are just starting out will want to know when their heart rate is high enough to get the cardiovascular benefits of exercise, and it will help them avoid “overdoing it.” A seasoned fitness pro will appreciate a more “advanced” heart rate monitor that tracks parameters such as distance and speed along with heart rate and calorie burn. There are heart rate monitors available at all price levels, depending upon your budget.

Resistance Bands

For the fitness buff that travels or works out at home, resistance bands are an ideal gift. With resistance bands, you can get a strength workout almost anywhere. The lucky recipient can use them to do strength exercises at home when they don’t want to go to the gym or drop them in their suitcase when they travel. Resistance bands are not only versatile - they keep constant tension on the muscle during an exercise. You don’t get that with free weights or dumbbells. Plus, you can use them to work almost every muscle in your body. What fitness lover wouldn’t appreciate that?


Listening to music during a workout eliminates boredom and fast-paced music is the ultimate motivator. Look for a pair of headphones that are lightweight with a headband that won’t slip during a run or cardio session. You can also get earbuds that fit inside the ears, but they don’t deliver the same sound quality and can be uncomfortable. Stick with a sturdy pair of headphones as a gift for the fitness buff in your life this year.

A Day at a Spa

Fitness buffs that spend lots of time in the gym lifting weights and running on the treadmill could use a little TLC. Give them a chance to relax with a day at a local spa where they can be pampered to their heart’s content. If that’s outside your budget, give them the gift of a full body massage. It’ll help their muscles recover from all the exercise, and it’s a great stress reliever.

The Bottom Line?

Some of the best gift ideas for the holidays aren’t expensive and will still give their lucky recipient lots of pleasure. Whether you stuff their stocking with a $15.00 pedometer or buy them a high-end heart rate monitor, your gift will be appreciated more than you can imagine.