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How Writing a Bucket List can Help Your Emotional Growth

Bucket List Benefits 

You may have heard about the concept of writing a bucket list before you die, and wondered what all the fuss was about. After all, there are many reasons why a bucket list might not work. You could become disabled and so not be able to walk the wall of China like you wanted to, or you could develop a fear of heights and want to scrap bungee jumping off your list. However, writing a bucket list can help you expand your emotional growth, even if you change your mind about your goals later.


When you write a bucket list, you have to think beyond the mundane routine of everyday life and set goals for the future. If you never make plans, you are at the mercy of your environment. Like the waves of the ocean, you will be pushed and pulled without having control over your direction. Make a bucket list though, and you can begin to take steps towards where you want to go.


Once you start to make plans, you might automatically find that you put your life in order. Instead of putting all of your efforts into small, throwaway tasks that take up time, you can focus on making bigger accomplishments and getting more out of life. For example, if one item on your list is that you want to dive amongst shipwrecks and search for treasure, you could begin taking diving lessons in the evening instead of watching TV.


Concentrating on working out what you really want can help you see your life differently. Instead of thinking about a pair of shoes you want to save money to buy, perhaps you will recognize that you would rather save money to enable you to travel the world, swim with dolphins or help endangered species survive in foreign climbs. Shoes are nice, but mind-blowing experiences are priceless.

Gaining perspective might also involve recognizing your priorities regarding relationships. If, for example, you want to spend five years traveling the world, you are either going to need a partner who has the same goal or is very patient. Alternatively, you may decide to put off engaging in a serious relationship until you have ticked traveling the world off your bucket list.

Bucket lists are important because they can help you grow emotionally. Perhaps some of the items on your list will alter with time, but there are many benefits to be gained by writing your wishes on paper. Setting your ideals down about how you want your life to pan out can prevent you from regretting not having followed your dreams when you reach your deathbed. More importantly, knowing where you want to go can help you focus on getting there.