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How You could be Wrecking your Sleep

Simple things to Avoid before Bed

There are at least five major ways you can inadvertently wreck your sleep. No one wants to suffer from sleepless nights, but their behavior can cause them to lie awake listening to the hours tick by on their bedside clock. When their alarm goes off for school or work, they groan, as they are so tired that they do not want to face the day ahead. If this sounds like you read on to find out what you may be doing to spoil your chances of getting to sleep.


Caffeine is an ingredient in many cocoa products such as hot chocolate. It is a well-known ingredient in coffee and can be found in tea, Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, Red Bull, chocolate and some medications. Have too much before bed or over the day and it may keep you awake.


Both nervous excitement, the kind you get from watching a scary movie, and positive excitement, such as anticipation before a fun event, can leave you wide-awake when you should be sleeping. By avoiding exciting activities before bed, and calming your mind, you can gain better sleep.


Sugar laden food and drink will give you a high and keep you awake. It may also be followed by a depressing low that leaves you anxious and stops you from relaxing. Alcohol, fizzy drinks, candy and cakes should also be avoided before bed..these are more obvious.

Odd sleeping pattern

Going to bed at a different time each night will confuse your internal clock. Your brain will struggle to send you messages to allow you to go to sleep. Reset your internal clock by maintaining a regular bedtime hour to keep on track.


Stress will make you toss and turn, as you worry about problems real and imagined. Get rid of stress by practicing deep relaxation methods when you go to bed and visualize your problems floating away.

If you reset your body clock, avoid caffeine and sugar and calm your mind, you will find that sleep comes easily to you.