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3 Simple Ways to Cut Excess Sugar from Your Diet

3 Simple Ways to Cut Excess Sugar from Your Diet

Millions of people across the planet are addicted to the sweet taste of sugar. From a few teaspoons added to one’s morning coffee to a handful of candy enjoyed every now and again, sugar finds a way to creep into nearly everyone’s diet in one form or another. Indeed, consuming this addicting substance can be a particularly hard habit to kick. With excess sugar intake blamed for contributing to ailments like obesity and certain forms of diabetes, it is never too late to begin cutting sugar from your diet. Use these three simple steps to eliminate excess sugar use.

1. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Many sugar addicts crave something sweet throughout the day, and sugar is one way to meet that craving. When trying to cut out excess sugar, it is important to find a healthier substitute that can help satisfy the desire to taste something sweet. Some alternatives include whole fruits and juices. Of course, you will want to exercise caution whenever drinking fruit juice, as many juices  have sugar added to them to make them more palatable. Furthermore, opt for the whole fruit over just the juice whenever possible, as the fruit itself contains beneficial fiber.

simple ways to cut sugar

2. Watch Out for Hidden Sugars

Perhaps one of the most deceiving things about sugar is that it is often hidden in foods you may never suspect as being unhealthy. From tomato sauces to soups, your kitchen is likely full of products that hold sugar in some form. For this reason, it is essential to pay close attention to the labels on foods found in the supermarket before purchasing them. This will keep your kitchen pantry free from pitfalls.

It’s worth mentioning that diet foods are often guilty of using sugar to make healthy ingredients taste better. You may think that grabbing that protein bar or opting for the granola is a better option that splurging on a piece of cake or pie, but while it generally is a wiser option, you may nevertheless be consuming calories from added sugars. Again, it pays to carefully read the labels on any food you purchase, whether you find yourself in the health store or in a big box chain.

simple ways to cut sugar

3. Set a Daily Limit

With sugar found in so many of the foods we eat, it is simply unreasonable to expect healthy eaters to never consume a gram or two of the sweet stuff. Many sugar addicts find that forbidding themselves from eating all forms of sugar makes the intensity of their cravings much higher. Instead of banning sugar from your diet entirely, why not set a small daily limit on the amount of sugar calories you are allowed to consume? A small bite of a cookie or nibble of a cupcake may help you resist the urge to gobble down a huge dessert later in the day.

Removing sugar from one’s diet is an ongoing battle for many people. Making the choice to actively avoid sugar can have a myriad of health benefits, so most feel it’s well worth the effort involved. Remember, if you routinely make healthy choices and lead an active lifestyle, having a small piece of dessert every now and again is perfectly acceptable. By keeping everything in moderation, you’ll likely find it easier to stick to your eating plan over the course of the long haul.


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