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12 Group Fitness Classes of Christmas

As we start to get sucked into the holiday hustle, our motivation and fitness routines can suffer. Group fitness is a fantastic way to stay motivated, and schedule some dedicated time to fit in a great workout. If you’ve never tried any of the group classes, December is one of the best times to start since class sizes are generally a little smaller which can help make it seem less intimidating.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 12 classes to help deal with the stress of the holiday season!

1. Knockout

This class is the perfect way to let out some of that pent up frustration that comes from fighting crowds at the mall! It’s a seriously fun workout using boxing drills and skills to up your cardio, power and core strength to a TKO fitness level.

2. BollyX 

If you’re tired of hearing Christmas music, you need to come to this class. It is a Bollywood-inspired cardio-dance class that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world and will leave you sweating and smiling.

12 Group Fitness Classes of Christmas

3. Le Barre

Borrow from authentic ballet-based training to develop the grace, strength and power of a dancer’s body! While this class may not turn you into the Sugarplum fairy, this intense, results-oriented workout will provide you some lifting and sculpting of typical “trouble spots.”

12 Group Fitness Classes of Christmas

4. Hells Bells 

This just sounds festive, right?! Don’t let the Christmas-y name fool you. You’ll be rotating through sandbells, kettlebells and dumbbells taking you to your personal maximum intensity level.

5. Drills + Hills

The end of the year is a time to reflect on all of the ups and downs that 2017 has presented. Why not use that as inspiration to try out this drill based Group Cycling class focusing on intensity and power output? Perfect for the experienced rider looking to improve their speed and endurance.

6. 3D Glutes

Instead of just sitting around, get off your butt for this targeted muscle workout for better posture, functional movement, and power!

12 Group Fitness Classes of Christmas

7. Power Yoga

This is the perfect balance of still wanting to work hard, but finding a way to relax and quiet the mind. Enjoy a dynamic, energetic and inspiring yoga practice, allowing you to build endurance, strength, flexibility and concentration.

8. Surf + Sand 

This class is great if you’re longing for white sand beaches, salty ocean spray, and a colorful beverage in hand. Maybe it’s only adream, or maybe you have a hot vacation coming up in the New Year. Using the revolutionary SurfSET boards and sandbells, you’ll get an authentic beach body workout!

9. Cycle Beats 

Lose yourself to the beat in this challenging, music-driven indoor cycling class. All tracks are designed to help you burn calories, sweat and have fun. This class is perfect for when you “can’t even” and you just need everything else in your life to fade into the background for an hour.


10. Buff Body

The name of this one might seem intimidating. Trying it in December means you can get a little more face time with the instructor! This is our answer to building strong muscles from head to toe for increased metabolism, and improved performance for any activity. Use a variety of resistance tools such as long bars, dumbbells, stability balls and your own body weight for a challenging yet adaptable class.

11. Tabata

Touted as “the world’s greatest fat burning workout”, Tabata is a simple yet effective interval training technique designed to boost the body’s calorie burning mechanisms. Perfect for when you need a little extra help around the holidays!

12. YIN Yoga

This yoga practice is perfect for those wanting a deeper stretch. Postures are minimal but held for longer periods of time allowing for full release of the muscle fibres to create length. YIN yoga is great for getting away for an hour, finding peace and relaxation, and still feeling the benefits while honoring your worn out body.

12 Group Fitness Classes of Christmas

All class schedules are available online and through the SN Clubs app.

Pick a new class to keep up with your fitness routine throughout December, and you’ll be sure to feel energized and less stressed! 


Have you heard about our Mind/Body Challenge for December

Pick up a Stress-Free Class Challenge Card from any studio and drop off your completed card at your club's front desk by December 31st, 2017, and you'll be entered to win a Yoga mat!